Philly Neighbor was created by two riverward natives who love both their neighborhood and their city intensely. We also love making crude jokes about the area.

We enjoy making fun of hoodrat shenanigans. We prefer the depressing humor of corner dive bars over the nauseating cookie-cutterness of trendy downtown hot spots. We love not just the raging bitterness that makes a Philadelphian a Philadelphian, but also the moments when you realize our city is full of immensely wonderful human beings.

Sometimes we focus on Fishtown, Port Richmond, and Kensington. Other times we make poop jokes about the rest of the city.

Yes, poop references are a common thing with us. Expect plenty of them.

Finally, we keep ourselves mostly anonymous. That helps, as we have been threatened with physical violence in the past, but mostly because we have real jobs and our employers would fire us if they realized we were having fun on the side.