Things to Think About After the Fire Dept. Protest in Southwest Philly

The worst way to protest, like, fucking ever – The subsequent protest at 65th and Woodlawn was one of the most remarkably stupid things I’ve ever witnessed. And hey, I get it. People are angry. Four little kids died. When people get angry, they sometimes enjoy a good protest. I get that too. I’ve been to good protests, like Occupy Philly (pre-homeless invasion). But I’ve also been to bad protests, like Occupy Philly (post-homeless invasion…damn hippies giving out all those free sleeping bags, god damn it).

But these people were protesting what they perceived as a slow PFD response time by…slowing PFD’s response time? The protesters surrounded the firehouse at 65th and Woodlawn, ensuring that the firefighters within couldn’t respond to their calls. That could have gotten another little kid killed. And would have they then protested PFD all over again, saying they should have, I dunno, put big ass balloons on their fire engines so they could have gingerly floated over the people blocking their way?

Give them a fuckin’ minute to get there – Here’s something that anyone who hasn’t worked in emergency services seems to forget: Yours is not the only emergency. Yes, I know. What happened on the 6500 block of Gesner was horrifying. But the people angry over PFD’s response time need to understand their other fire engines were responding to another emergency.

“Oh, but that so-called other emergency was just an abandoned vehicle fire!” says someone who isn’t thinking logically about the situation. Yes, their engines were responding to a vehicle fire because that is an emergency as well. Had that flaming vehicle injured a kid because no EMS personnel responded to it, we’d have different problem on our hands now wouldn’t we?

Let’s not forget that Philly is a big ass city and, I’m sorry, but your average person acts fucking stupid in an emergency situation. When grandma gets a bad cough, there are people who will call 911 and say she’s about to code. And guess what? A bunch of firefighters will go along with the paramedics to help out. It’s what they do.

Too many people call 911 for bullshit. On top of that, there are the countless legitimate emergencies that PFD firefighters and paramedics must respond to at any given time. Yet even with the insane amount of calls PFD firefighters and medics get every day, they still had boots on the ground on 6500 Genser Street within three minutes.

That’s not bad at all. Consider rural communities who rely on all-volunteer EMS services who really might have to wait the (completely not accurate) 30-minute response time the protesters from Gesner Street were complaining about.

Most people don’t understand the Fire/EMS mindset – Here’s something you might not know. Firefighters and paramedics can be complete dicks. Like, seriously be douches. You know why? Because the vast majority of them are Type-A alpha dogs in a job which demands them to be just that.

Which is why I know, on gut instinct, that no self-respecting Philly firefighter or medic would willingly drag their feet to a call. They will get there as soon as possible and do their job because if they don’t literally none of their coworkers will respect them. I’ve met firefighters and medics who are about as pleasant as a foot in the ass.

They might not be polite when they come to your house. But if your shit is on fire they will, to the absolute best of their ability, try to pull your stupid ass out of the flames, or carry your 500 pound uncle down four flights of stairs in your cramped South Philly rowhouse when he’s having his tenth heart attack (and won’t even complain that he pooped his pants on the way, at least not until the call’s finished).

Are there bad firefighters and bad medics? Absolutely. But there aren’t a whole lot of them. The nature of their job won’t allow it. Your chances of running into a crooked firefighter or medic are about as good as getting struck by lightning. And if you do get struck by lightning, you’ll only have to wait five minutes for the good guys to get there to save you.

One more thing, which shows the true character of our PFD first responders. Do you know how, when granny is having those chest pains, you and all your family members are screaming bloody murder when the fire trucks and ambulances roll in? Yeah, when you do that you get on their fucking nerves. Stop screaming, get out of the way, and let them do their jobs. And if you’re going to protest these bad asses, don’t block their way because they might be trying to get to your 500 pound uncle’s house.

Four fucking kids died – Now that I’ve sufficiently ranted about the stupid way some of those people have protested PFD’s (totally not longer than 3 minutes) response time, let me now say this. Don’t forget that little kids died that night and it’s a painful thing for those people on Gesner Street to go through.

Yes, some of them are acting stupid. But let’s have some fucking empathy here. Four kids died. It’s about one of the most horrible things a community can experience. There’s some nasty shit being said about the people in that neighborhood and, yeah, some of them are acting like idiots in the aftermath of the tragedy. But four fucking kids died. Grief can take many forms, not the least of which is stupidity. So let’s be nice and stop the personal attacks because, let’s not forget, there are people who live on that block who have had nothing but good things to say about the PFD’s response on Gesner Street.

I don’t hate Meek Mill…as much – I really hate that I can’t hate this guy as much as I want to hate him. Though I dearly love rap music, I only love the kind that isn’t full of a bunch of jackasses bragging about how many people they shoot…which leaves me with like, 20 percent of hip hop that I can enjoy.

Also, Meek Mill is a grown man and yet here he is in a video with a bunch of other grown men making stupid shooty finger gestures.

No grown man should: 1.) Air guitar 2.) Do pretend shooty fingers. You just look stupid.
But apparently Meek is donating money to the families affected by the fire on 6500 Gesner Street. Awesome, Meek. I don’t hate you as much now. Just please stop the shooty fingers.