Philly Archdiocese Joins Pointless March Against Gay People

So I read the story on about how the Philadelphia Archdiocese is the only archdiocese in the nation sending foot soldiers to the March for Marriage in Washington DC on June 19th.

At first I was sickened. This March for Marriage will be a shit festival full shit heads, sponsored by wonderfully shit headed organizations like The Heritage Foundation and the Family Research Council.

I’ve been vocal about making Philadelphia more gay friendly and was excited when Pennsylvania shifted on gay marriage. I, for one, would love it if Philly was full of married gay people. Yeah, I’d be happy for my gay friends, but there’s another reason.

I love my city and I want to see it do well. Sadly, Philly is fucking poor. We bleed money and don’t bring enough in. One way to fix that is to get as many people married as possible, regardless of where they stick their cocks or on what surface they wish to rub their cooters.

Married people pool resources. They save money. They buy houses. Married people stimulate economies. Philly needs more married people. The more married people we have, the better our neighborhoods will be, the better city will be.

Yet the shit heads in the Archdiocese, led by chief shit head Archbishop Chaput, think taking part in some asinine, intolerant march is a good idea. And yes, when I read about it, I was fully prepared to rip into the Archdiocese for acting like a bunch of bigoted, intolerant scumbags.

But when you really look at the situation, it’s really quite hopeful. It’s a sign that our society is progressing beyond holy book horseshit.

I’m not saying everyone who attends this March for Marriage is a hateful asshole. No, not saying that at all. But the core of the ideology behind the movement is, well, a fuck ton of hate. You can’t have a movement saying, “These people are different from us and, as such, must be treated differently,” without having a nugget of hate somewhere in the middle.

And the organizations supporting this movement, like the Archdiocese, are perpetuating hate whether they mean to or not. (Not everyone means it, but a lot most certainly do.)

But there’s something far more powerful than hate at work here. No, it’s not love, you hippie bitch. It’s fucking apathy. Fewer and fewer people give a rat’s ass about the anti-gay marriage movement. You know why? Because nobody gives a shit about gay people getting married.

They’re over it. It doesn’t affect them. Unless I personally know two gay people getting married, I could give a shit if gay people get hitched. It’s none of my business. I care as much about two gay dudes getting married as they do about me and my girlfriend getting married.

We’re all equal. As such, we don’t need to give a shit about each other. Equals just do their own thing in their own private lives.

The idiots running the March for Marriage need to realize this. Americans, in increasing numbers, do not give a fuck about gay people getting married.

In Philly, down in the river wards, this is apparent. I know lifelong Catholics who either support gay marriage or honestly don’t care enough to want to keep gay marriage illegal. Why? Because they know it’s stupid to be against it, the same way it’s stupid to be against interracial marriage. We’re getting to a point where nobody cares.

I’m not saying life will be perfect for gay people. I don’t know what it’s like to be walking home then suddenly having a bunch of meat heads calling me “faggot” and threatening to kick my ass. That’s some terrifying shit but, I think, it’s some terrifying shit that will eventually die off.

So let them have their ignorant, idiotic march. Let them bang pots and pans in front of the Capitol building, screaming about the sanctity of whatever-the-fuck, let ’em do it until their vocal cords bleed.

Let them scream and bitch and moan and we’ll all ignore them, the same way we ignore the Ku Klux Klan, because within a few years the anti-gay movement will be just as irrelevant as the guys running around in white hoods.