…Back Again, For the Second Time


So it’s been over a year since we posted anything at all on Philly Neighbor. I’ll be honest, I miss the shit out of it.

We started Philly Neighbor back in 2011, mostly for shits and giggles. One of the best moments of my life came during the first time anyone threatened my life (via email) over something I wrote on PN.com. Fucking awesome.

Now we’re back again. You can expect the same variety of Kenzo-inspired poop jokes as well as our take on certain issues and how they relate to the Philadelphia area. If you followed us a few years ago you’ll know what to expect. (For those who never visited this site before: Poop references and foul language.)

Unfortunately we lost most of the old content, which sucks. I used to like flipping through it. Ah well.

Oh, and add us on Facebook because we got rid of the comments section. We were often flooded with comments that were outright threatening (which was great) or read like a David Duke manifesto (not so great). We figure if we’re going to receive death threats and racist rants, people might as well send them through Facebook where they’re more likely to use their real names.

To celebrate, here’s one of the greatest Kenzo moments of all time.