PA Fascism Proves We’re All Fucked

If you pay even the slightest bit of attention to local Philly/PA politics (and I really try not to), you probably know that we’re all unequivocally fucked. Like, really fucked. And knowing how super duper really fucked PA voters are, it’s not stretch to believe that all American voters are super diddly duper fucked. But […]

Daydreaming When You’re Thirty

(Cross-posted from my very writerly pen-name blog.) The other day I woke up and discovered I had less hair, was a bit fatter than I was the day before, and – holy fuck – I was 30. (Or close enough that it made no difference. I have ignored the inexorable march of my 30th birthday […]

Why I Stopped Saying “Faggot”

If you’re a regular Philly Neighbor reader, you might notice that we don’t use the word “fag” anymore. Well there’s a reason. The other day I found a document containing most of our old posts. As I read though them – trying to remember which ones I wrote drunk versus which ones I wrote blasted […]

Old School Fishtown is Dead

I think it’s been dead for awhile now, but it was never more apparent for me than when I make my monthly voyage from Pennsyltucky back to the old neighborhood. And no, it’s not just because every other corner has a gastropub (what the fuck are those anyway) and you can’t order a drink at […]

5 Awesome Flyers You Might Not Remember

I’m a hockey fan from Philly, so of course I bleed Orange and Black. (And the morning after drinking beers at a corner bar watching a Flyers game, I’ve often puked Orange and Black.) Any Philly hockey fan can remember our greatest players. The Broad Street Bullies, most obviously, plus Brian Propp, Mark Recchi, the […]